A Guide on How to Unlock iPhone 4S in 10 Minutes

If you love your new iPhone 4 but you want to switch cell phone carriers, you can learn specific steps to free your mobile device with ease. That is right, now you can unlock the iPhone 4 by using great software offered free. In addition, a part of having the iPhone 4 SIM Free you can now unlock your iPhone with iUnlocker, this is an open source program professionally developed by the iPhone Dev Team. You can find many links to download it fast.

iPhone 4S is now the second most popular iPhone out there right after its predecessor the iPhone 4 and many are looking for stable solution on how to unlock it. Unfortunately there is not easy way to do it because most developers have switched from unlock solution to jailbreak because there is no point for unlock anymore. Most mobile networks around the world offers iPhone so why there is still demand for such solution? Only because there is black market which is now suspended because of lack of unlock solutions. This is a good thing for everyone and especially Apple. Don’t get me wrong I support hacking and jailbreaks but unlock these days is completely unnecessary.

iPhone 4S box

According to reputable sources, while the iPhone may come with SuperSim, there are other different techniques to proceed with:

  • SIM Cloning: you can opt for TurboSIM to unlock the iPhone completely with a very small card, which is called TurboSIM- this is placed next to your current phone SIM.
  • IPhoneSIMFree: Pages which has been much talk about it, Engaged states that have achieved software unlock the iPhone completely and without doing any type of weird things.
  • Welding your iPhone 4: this is a method for experts in order to free the iPhone. The truth is that having such easy methods may bring plenty of benefits. A professional must perform this.

In short, the best option may be the iPhone unlock method by following the SuperSim method.  Truth is, newbie may found it a little complicated. Yet, by reading instructions and downloading the right source, this is not going to be so hard. However, it may not be for everyone.

Thanks to the iPhone and its marketing strategy that allowed only activate through AT&T in the U.S. customers have increased as never before. This created the need to find a way to unlock the iPhone 4. It comes to the point, that many users are talking about iPhone Unlocker and it has already been tested and it work. Do not forget to consider basebands- it works for versions 4 and 8GB via Windows XP or Vista. Many reviews reveal this program is the easiest thing, you need iTunes to make the connection and have 2 different buttons: the “Unlock iPhone” which stands for achieving a Free iPhone result and “Close”.

In short, a newcomer into the iPhone unlocking world can even release its iPhone without requiring an expert overview. Get ready to unlock your iPhone with total ease! You will be able to use it as you desire. Chance SIM cards as you wish.

If you know a better solution to unlock iPhone 4S or any other iPhone version please let us know in comments and we will share it with rest of our readers. If you are hopping that software solution will be available anytime soon then you are wasting your time because no one is working on it at least not the main developers.

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