Adobe to drop support for Flash on Android 4.1, stops new install from Google Play on August

Today Adobe officially announced that Android 4.1 won’t get support for Flash and new Flash installs form Google play will be closed on August 15th.

Flash for Android 4.1

Adobe announced that its plans to no longer support Flash on Android back in late 2011 but now we can see a real action. Doors will be closed for all users having Android 4.1 and no new features will be developed for older Android version but support and bug fixes will be available.

The growth of HTML5 technology killed Flash for mobile devices and the whole thing were started with popularity of iOS devices that never allow flash to be installed. Flash for mobile devices are slowly losing popularity and more and more flash based websites are recreated in HTML5. There are still millions of websites built in flash that will be no longer accessible with Android 4.1 powered devices.

Flash is not dead yet for desktop computers and development still continues bringing many great features update after update. These days only few developers choose to build websites using Flash but there are still development going on in corporate level. Rich media training and learning solutions as well as intranet applications are being developed and used. Flash is a great platform for developing rich media and interactive applications and HTML5 is not there yet and maybe never will.

HTML 5 in mobile devices is better than flash because it does not require additional plugins to view content and is more flexible to be viewed over various devices. HTML5 is a great technology but currently it is resource demanding and not all content will run smoothly on older devices.

According to Adobe you will still be able to install Flash on devices that use Android 4.1 but as these devices are not certified by Adobe you might experience unpredictable behavior and Adobe does not take any responsibility for damage it may cause to your phone or tablet.

Beginning August 15th Adobe will configure Google Play Store to limit access to Flash Player updates to only those devices that have Flash Player installed by default. If you want to use Flash after August 15th you have to download it form Google Play Store right now otherwise you will be left out of the game.

For more information please visit Adobe website.

What are you thought about dropped flash support in Android 4.1, how it will affect your web browsing experience? Personally I just updated one of my websites from Flash to HTML5 so my website can be part of future web.

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