Why Angry Birds Space Sucks?

Angry Birds Space sucks

For those who are not aware Angry Birds Space was released few weeks ago and it hit download records on both, Android and iOS platforms. What makes this game special is that finally Rovio created something new by introducing world with completely different gameplay as well as game characters. While these are still birds they look different as well as do things differently. But there are few things you have to keep in mind before you download this game form iTunes App Store or Google Play.

      • Sad news for old iPhone and iOS device owners as Angry Birds Space works for iOS 4.0 or later. Previously Angry Birds required iOS 3 or later. If you have iPhone 2G (1st generation iPhone) or 1st gen iPod Touch that’s not capable of running iOS 4 or iOS 5 you can’t download and play this game. There are several negative feedbacks already on iTunes and they will keep on coming as the popularity of this game will grow. While you might be frustrated, it’s common practice for game an app developers to concentrate efforts on latest and greatest technology to reveal the full graphic and system potential as well as pushing technology forward.
      • Not like most games and apps for iOS Angry Birds Space is not a universal app. If you want it on both iPhone and iPad, you will have to buy both versions separately and both versions won’t sync with one another. If you want to get Angry Birds Space for iPhone it will cost you $.99 while the iPad version comes for $2.99. While cost for Angry Birds isn’t so high it’s still not the best practice from customer perspective but of course will bring millions to Rovio’s business. Most games works on both platforms and sync information from one to another so you can star the level on iPhone and finish it on iPad and vice versa but this is not possible with Angry Birds Space.
      • In-app purchase is required if you want to get all Angry Birds Space levels. Ravio it calls premium or bonus content but whatever you call it, Angry Birds Space force in-app purchases. If you want to access to so called “Danger Zone Levels”, which is almost half of the entire game you will have to pay an extra buck.

There you have it! Rovio has created a great game with its initial Angry Birds series and Angry Birds Space it one step into right direction there is many things that could be done better or at least differently.

To make things worse there is no Angry Birds Space foe Windows Phone at this point.

Angry Birds SpaceAngry Birds Space for iOSAngry Birds Space Preview

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