Apple-Branded HDTV Release Date Postponed

Will Apple find the way to revolutionize HDTV market by releasing its own TV set featuring better user interface and contenet?

Apple HDTV release date

Analyst Andy Hargreaves after meeting Apple execs expects no HDTV from Apple anytime soon. Andy come to this conclusion based on meeting he attended with well-known Peter Oppenheimer (Apple’s CFO) and Eddy Cue (Senior VP for Internet Services and Software). This analytics does not believe Apple will release HDTV anytime soon.

According to CNN, in order to enter the TV market, Apple must solve fundamental problems with the current TV market. There are two main problems Apple should target in order to succeed in TV market:

  • Apple should improve user-interface and the way we interact with out TVs. We have Kinect, Samsung Smart TV and simple user interfaces so Apple should come up with something revolutionary. They have tried it with Apple TV but so far no success with it.
  • The second fundamental problem is TV content. Apple is trying to negotiate the best deals with major broadcasters but we already have Netflix which already offers the best possible content for affordable price. That said, Apple can’t compete with the better price or content.

Apple already has iTunes, where it sells songs, movies and individual TV series and it has no rights to sell it for cheaper prices because broadcasters dictates them. Apple must find a way to negotiate the best deals but services like Netflix will do the same thing and Apple will end up where they started.

We know that Apple can create the best design for their devices and improve user interfaces but it isn’t enough to jump into HDTV market. Apple could release design and make TVs just like Samsung does without providing content but this product would not be unique and this is not how Apple comes into a new market.

While Apple is delaying HDTV revolution Samsung continues to dominate this niche by releasing TV after TV. I guess it will not take too long until Microsoft will work together with Samsung to make TVs even smarter since Microsoft has the best motion sensing input device called Kinect and Samsung is the largest TV maker and display maker in the world. Both companies don’t have content but neither has Apple.

There is one fundamental problem with content – each country has different legislation and while US has services such as Spotify, Netflix and other, most countries in Europe has nothing because of licenses. This is where corporations have no power so they leave them to local broadcasters and so will Apple.

Apple revolutionized smartphone and tablet market but it looks like they don’t have enough power to do the same thing with HDTVs, at least for now.

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