Apple iPad Mini release date set for October, month after the next-gen iPhone.

Latest reports show that Apple will hold two separate events to announce the next-gen iPhone and the iPad Mini.

Apple iPad Mini release date

For a long time it’s been rumored that Apple will hold an even on September 12th to announce the new iPhone 5 and widely rumored iPad Mini. Now it turns out that Apple is likely to announce only next-gen iPhone and iOS 6 during this event and will leave iPad Mini announcement for October.

There is a logic behind this announcement because revealing two main products during one event will reduce amount of publicity that each device and Apple will get. Customers with limited budget will face difficult question – do I need the iPad Mini or the new iPhone? Holding two separate events will result in more exposure and more sales for Apple and its marketing team do realize that.

These are mostly speculations, but it would be only logical for Apple to announce its next generation iPhone on September since iPhone 4S sales are slowing down and announcing the next generation iPhone on October would result in one of the weakest financial quarter. iPad Mini would be right in time to find a place under the Christmas trees.

The iPad Mini is long rumored device which essentially be a larger iPod Touch, with smaller side bezels than original iPad and 7.85-inch screen. Apple wants to create a direct competitor for widely popular 7-inch tables Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire. It’s not like iPad is huge and heavy but it is less portable than its main rivals.

The iPad Mini is rumored to be released for almost two years but it looks like this year will be difference since rumors have been confirmed by many respectable news sites such as WSJ, NYT and others. Steven Jobs once said that 7-inch tablets sucks and Apple will never make one but technology and market have changed and Apple is forced to release one.

We are very much looking forward to the next-gen iPhone announcement event on September 12 and another Apple press even sometime in October to get our hands on the iPad Mini. We will keep you updated regarding both events so consider subscribing if you haven’t already.


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