Do you think Apple is working on an iPad Mini with 7.85-Inch display?

Back in 2010 when we heard about iPad it was predicted that it won’t sell because it’s just a larger iPod Touch. Many tech bloggers were skeptical about it and the first get iPad compared to new iPad 3 was a bit clumsy, there were no applications, basically it was half backed. Regardless of half backed feel people were buying it because it was cool to have all Apple products. Now iPad 3 is worth to buy but it wasn’t back then (sorry Apple fans, but think about it again, it was just an internet browser).

Right now iPad 3 is good for consuming content in the form of browsing internet, social networking, reading a book, watching videos, listening music, playing games, etc., but it still sucks when it comes to writing or edition or creating content of any kind as mouse and physical keyboard is still a better option here. It’s not like you can’t do it, it’s just faster and more efficient.

Currently 9.7-inch iPad has majority market share of the ever-growing tablet market. This share is slowly but constantly decreasing due to rise of cheaper and smaller Android-powered tablets. It will take at least few years for Android to surpass iPad but Apple is not sitting there and waiting…

Enough about 9.7-inch iPad we all know for over two years now this time I want to tell you a story about smaller iPad so called iPad mini with 7.85-inch display. Yeah, yeah I know. You have already heard this multiple times but this time is a bit different as we come across some great looking iPad mini pictures.

Apple has unified design throughout its product lineup so we can expect so see iPad mini to looks just like 9.7-inch iPad but just smaller. This is exactly what these images represent: the regular iPad look but with smaller 7.85-inch display. This smaller iPad has been placed side by side with its larger 9.7-inch brother and 3.5-inch iPhone 4S to give users an understanding about what size of a device we are talking about.

Apple iPad MiniiPad MiniiPad Mini Mockup Apple iPad Mini Design Mockup

According to rumors, the iPad mini will barrow specs from second generation iPad. So that means you’ll probably get a dual-core A5 processor and 1024×768 display. Display is smaller in size so pixel density is higher and screen will be crisper, not Retina crisp though.

The most important selling point, though, will be device’s price due to competition in this niche. If Apple can manage to produce and sell iPad Mini with simplest specs at $299, it will be difficult to ignore it next to the $199 Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the $249 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0-ich.

Do you think Apple will release iPad Mini? Do you like current iPad’s screen size? Will you be buying one of iPad’s smaller brothers?

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  1. MacBoy June 8, 2012 at 7:33 am #

    Good article, but use spellcheck before you publish………….

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