Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Coming Soon, At Least Shows Some Progress!

When jailbreak for Apple TV 3 will be releases and why it takes so ling to develop it?

jailbreak for Apple TV 3

Last week everyone was pessimistic about progress regarding Apple TV 3 jailbreak development because pod2g announced that neither he nor anyone else is working on it. We all patiently waited for jailbreak for almost 6 months but it turns out that no one even bothered to work on a jailbreak for third generation Apple TV.

Luckily p0sixninja have spent some time researching Apple TV 3 and he claims that jailbreak is possible but no one has found a vulnerability that could be used to exploit the code. Developers (hackers) must find a kernel/boot-level exploit to make it work. Like Absinthe jailbreak for iOS devices does it via and exploit in MobileBackup where modified backup uploads the payload to the device and limera1n does It using a custom ROM disk payload and gets into iOS devices via restore.

If you want to jailbreak for the Apple TV 3 anytime soon you should give p0sixninja and pod2g one of these so they can seek for exploitable vulnerability. However you can still sell your Apple TV 3 on eBay and buy second generation Apple TV which now cost twice as much as its original price.

Hopefully iOS Jailbreak Dream Team will join the forces to develop a jailbreak for third generation Apple TV. Jailbreak Dream Team is famous for joining forces back in February to make the famous Absinthe jailbreak for the iPhone 4S, the new iPad and other iOS 5 powered devices.

There is no give release date yet but hopefully we will see it within next few months. At least we know that jailbreak for the Apple TV 3 is possible since it is bases on the similar platform as any other iOS devices.

We’ll keep you updated with more details once we will know more about the Apple TV jailbreak progress.

Personally I already bought second generation Apple TV and put the Apple TV 3 away so I can stream content using XBMC, which is the main reason why most people wants to jailbreak their Apple TV’s.

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