Apple’s goal for iPhone 5 in 2011 is to sell 30 million handsets

iphone 5 sales expectation

Since Apple released its first generation iPhone back in 2007 its sales have skyrocketed. They are breaking record by record and this year is expected to be no different. Apple on track to sale at least 30 million iPhones alone. It is more than 30% more than they sold in 2010 so if Apple will manage to reach its sales forecast it might become the largest smartphone maker globally surpassing HTC, Samsung and long time recordist – Nokia.

With the high anticipation of Apple iPhone 5, there have been many rumors on the release date. It had been reported to be released in early September but the date has changed since there is a delay in production. Apple contractors, Foxconn are reported to be still working on the yields of the new iPhone. The cause of the delay is due to the iOS5 which is not yet completed and cannot be installed in the iPhone. Apparently, the late release would lead to late contribution to Apple’s fiscal fourth quarter. The features on iPhone are also rumored to be better than the earlier versions. It is reported they will come with iOS5, thinner, sleeker and an 8MP camera.

According to a report in the wall street journal, the new Apple iPhone will use Qualcomm baseband instead of Infineon. Apple’s goal of producing the smart phones by the end of the year stands at 25 million handsets. It has also been leaked that the production of units will be fewer but components were shipped to Hon Hai in Taiwan Hon Hai is also another contractor for Apple which deals with manufacture of electronics.

It has been speculated that the phone will be moving to a ‘world phone’ with the next chipset on the iphone 5. Apple would go popular because it uses both GSM and CDMA networks across the globe. The new iphone is expected to be having improved features though similar to the current iphone 4.With its gaining popularity, the product is expected to sell very well hence the big order of 30 million handsets.

Recently, there were photos of the iphone 5 posted on case-mates website, tech blogs. The leak of the case-mate iphone sent the media and the readers surprised. Engadget also released a photo of a screen shot from AT&T’s computer system that shows the various inventory on the iphone. It had already been embraced by its committed readers who are eager to see the development of the iphone. These photos are still considered rumors since they have not yet be proven to be true. Let’s just wait for the release to clear our anticipation.

It has been reported that Apple may be preparing to change the case on the new version which may have an aluminum or liquid metal back. A report by 9to5Mac stated that as Apple’s next generation festivities of iphone come closer to the reality, they appear to stop their Bumper case. 9 to5 Mac suggest that iphone 5 will mark a new shape, dimensions and new cases.

The rumored features include:

  • Dual-core processor
  • Slimmer, sleeker and lighter than previous models
  • 8Mp camera
  • Customized Gesture control
  • High storage and RAM
  • iOS5
  • SIM-less phone
  • Extended battery life
  • iCloud

There is no official price quoted yet but we expect to be the same price as the iphone 4.  The smart phone will be a great success and we expect a big outcome of customers when it is available for sale.

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