Berry Pink Samsung Galaxy Note Unveiled and Heads to MWC

Samsung Galaxy Note was considered as gadget for men due to its huge screen size – 5.3-inch. It is difficult to operate with one hand even for male and can’t imagine lady using this 720p Super AMOLED phone/tablet phablet. But Samsung things differently and leaked photo shows that they are preparing Pink Galaxy Note to be released on beginning of March.

The sad news Pink Samsung Galaxy Note won’t make it on Valentine’s Day so you will have to think for different Valentine’s Day present.

Samsung haven’t noted anything about availability in specific market but usually devices that are colored differently are available as world devices and come without contracts at least in US. Europe doesn’t strictly sticks to contracts so we are sure that Europe will get unlocked version of this pink toy.

Based on given timing pink phone/tablet will be announced on Mobile World Congress, possibly next to the blank space reserved for Samsung Galaxy S3 that won’t be there. Price will remain the same as for black and white Galaxy Note but hopefully Samsung won’t continue their pattern releasing pink devices for Asia only and we will have chance to surprise our geeky girlfriends.

By releasing pink device Samsung will prove their previous statement in UK that Galaxy Note is mainly targeted for female audience. Don’t know on what market research they base their marketing decision but it’s surprising for me. We can’t deny that Galaxy Note has become very important gadget in Samsung’s product portfolio as they just paid at least $10 million to air Galaxy Note commercial during Super Bowl.

Anyone has already decided to get Pink Galaxy Note or already has Black Galaxy Note?

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