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Chrome for Windows 8’s Metro UI right around the corner

Google is working on Chrome for Windows 8’s Metro UI, and Dev build will be available sometime soon. Chrome recently become the number one web browser in the World surpassing IE who hold this position since it was released back in 1990’s. Chrome succeeded by providing outstanding performance, reliability and numerous apps. While Firefox has […]

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Google Chrome becomes World’s Most Popular Browser

Google Chrome since it was released back in 2008 shows exponential growth due to active marketing campaign, great speed and simplicity it offers. It was predicted that Chrome could surpass IE as the most popular web browser for the first time ever. Finally it’s official and Google has achieved it. According to one of the […]

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First LG Google TV is scheduled for late May release

LG is one of the leading TV makers and based on recent analytics estimates, it holds 3rd place after Samsung and Sony with around 18% market share globally. LG is second largest company in South Korea right after Samsung Electronics and it produces electronics,?chemicals, and telecommunications products but TV’s are one of their main businesses […]

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Google Self-Driving Car Gets Green Light in Nevada

Google is well known for their amazing search engine that delivers the most accurate results and has far more pages in their index than any other search engine. Google also has many great services and tools like, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Maps, Android, and many other great tools but now Google made one […]

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Google Zerg Rush: Can you Beat ’em All

?Zerg Rush is Google’s latest creative game to make Google search results more?attractive?and entertaining. Google are famous for their doodles made for special events and celebrations and from time to time Google makes something even more exciting like it was with “Let it snow” during the Christmas time and now “Zerg Rush”. Zerg Rush is […]

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