Coming soon – iOS 5 final version

Apple has announced that, IOS 5 is coming soon to rock the world. This amazing device will be compatible with all kinds of “Apple” series phone. It will be available in the market with many outstanding features. Some of them are as follows.

iOS final version features and improvements

It over the years since the last major iOS release and Apple is already working on the latest and greatest mobile is called iOS 5. It is expected that iOS 5 will debut along the iPhone 4S, the next generation Apple mobile phone which is the most popular smartphone to date. As always Apple doesn’t reveal any information about its hardware and only time will show if we will get the long rumored 4-inch screen or we will have to wait for another year until Apple will decide to catch up its competitors.

We have already tested iOS5 beta version and we are excited about many new features including notifications, news, better camera management and game center. However it still lack many features available on android such as bandwidth monitoring, advanced notification and voice control. Hopefully Apple will include these in the iOS 6 which is scheduled to be released next year brining tighter social network integration.


There will be a notification centre, which will alert you about all the notifications. If you have any new mail, friend request or text messages, all will be transferred to your IOS 5 device. This will make your job easy and interesting. You can check all the notifications from one place. You can even check the temperature and stock ticker, with the help of this device. Your notifications will appear at the top of your screen without interrupting your current work. You can check your notification with just a swipe of your fingers. With the help of this service, you will always remain in top of all the notifications.

News centre:

You will get all the breaking news in the same place if, you have IOS 5. It will work as your newspaper as well as your magazine. Your purchasing newspaper or magazine will directly go to newsstand folder. If there is any breaking news, it will be displayed at the top of your newsstand folder screen. You will definitely feel that, you are sitting in the newsroom of a news channel.

Reminder service:

If your memory is not sharp enough, you will obviously need a support from the reminder. If you are in excessive work pressure, it is obvious that, you may forget some special occasions. The reminder service can help you in reminding the important events of your life. The specialty of this reminder service is that, it is location based. Whenever, you enter in that particular location, your device will give you a reminder.

High-definition camera:

Capture all the moments of life with this multimedia device. Sometimes, it happens that, the events pass through the eyes within short time. Therefore, you need to unlock the camera quickly. This device is giving you the opportunity to take picture right from your lock screen. Therefore, you can expect amazing experiences of photography.


In this device, there will be more web browsing features than any other IPhones. As the screen is big enough, you can read all the web contents without any distraction.

Game center:

Gamers are crazy about the latest features of gaming. You will get notifications for the arrival of the new games if, you have iOS 5.


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  1. VINODVYAS October 15, 2011 at 12:52 pm #

    inform how to download ios 5

  2. frederico November 27, 2011 at 5:38 pm #

    I was trying to download ios5 ,but i experienced too many prolems and i did not make it.So can buy instead of to download? If yes ,i would appreciate a lot if you provide me details.
    Best regards

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