CSR Racing Cheats for iPhone and iPad

Cheats for CSR Racing that allows to instantly refill gas tank and earn more free cash and gold. 

CSR Racing Cars

CSR Racing is the best racing game for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, it has managed to dominate Apple App Store for the last few since it was released back in May. Recently NaturalMotion, CSR Racing developers, announced that they are making $12 million per month in revenue from this game alone.  NaturalMotion has several other games for iOS devices but they are far from being compared from CSR Racing.

CSR Racing is available only for iPhone and iPad leaving huge Android community behind since it takes too much time to develop game for so fragmented mobile OS. This game is free to download and play but if you have played CSR Racing for at least 20 minutes you know that there are so much limitation that can be removed by paying with real money, but who wants that? There are several things you can do to avoid paying for this game and I would love to share CSR Racing cheats with you.

How to Refill the Gas Tank in CSR Racing?

CSR Racing game uses system you don’t see than often on such games: it forces to refill your car’s gas tank. You can choose between waiting one hour or use your gold coins to refill car’s gas tank. Both options suck because it takes a lot of time to earn these gold coins and they can be used more wisely.

Luckily there is a way around this using a simple cheats for CSR Racing. Each time you run out of gas or game forces you to wait for car to be delivered or upgraded you can manipulate with your devices time settings so you get your refill instantly.

Step 1) Close CSR Racing

Step 2) Go to iPad/iPhone settings -> General -> Date & Time

Step 3) Set time two hours ahead and save the settings.

Now you can go back to game and enjoy a full refill. If it doesn’t work, try changing days or months and it will do the trick. Afterwards you can set correct time in your iOS device and CSR Racing game will not notice the change.

How to get decal bonus in CSR Racing?

Another great option to make more money on each race is by using decals. They cost additional cash or gold coins but they are worth every penny because you will get your investment back within few races. The best decal applied on fifth tier cars can earn as much as $9800 on each race, it costs 30 gold coins but it is worth it.

Trying to find the best paying decal for the best price since some decals costs a lot but doesn’t deliver. I recommend to start using decals from second tier since first one is too easy to pass up.

Take Advantages of Daily Races in CSR Racing

Daily races are great to win some great bonuses in comparison to other type of races. To get more of these races you can try to the same time-changing-trick as mentioned earlier. This trick does not work all the time and requires to be repeated for few times but it does work and you can get unlimited Daily Races.

CSR Racing Cheats

Share with Friends and use Facebook login

This is not a big secret but you can still use Facebook to get more gold coins and cash. If you don’t want to spam your Facebook Wall you can set up a fake Facebook account and share everything you do on CSR Racing. App gives cash and gold coins for sharing high scores, results and other information, so possibilities are endless.

Buying Cash and Gold Coins in CSR Racing

This isn’t a proper CSR Racing cheat but it does speed things up so you can buy the best and fastest cars and upgraded them quickly. I would strongly suggest not to pay for cash and coins because it makes this game boring very quick. Not the result is important but the gameplay.

There are the main CSR Racing cheats you can use to improve your gameplay without spending a dime for cash and gold. If you know other cheats for CSR Racing, please share them in comments so everyone can enjoy this amazing game to fullest.

Update: Forget to mention that you can get unlimited cash and gold if you have your iPhone or iPad jailbroken but it is a bit trick and  takes some time to set up.   

If you haven’t played CSR Racing I strongly recommend to give it a try. It is far the best racing game for mobile devices ever created, but it is addictive though

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  1. Emanuel May 27, 2015 at 2:46 am #

    What car has the $9,800 decal bonus?

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