Firefox for Android Tablets Reaches Version 15 and Offers New Design and Speed Improvements

Firefox 15 for Android tablets released and bring speed improvements and redesigned user interface as well as many great new features. 

Firefox 15 for Adnroid tablets

Today Firefox announced that they have released Firefox for Android tablet devices and it brings completely new design and improved performance. Mozilla claims that this version brings the same dramatic improvements we recently got for our Android smartphones but now the same features are available for Android tablet users.

Firefox 15 for Android tablets works quicker in every aspect including zooming, page load times, Web apps and startup. It is achieved by rewriting code from almost ground zero to finally keep up with Chrome web browser for Android devices.

Firefox for Android has redesigned home screen which now looks smoother and works faster, it can be fully customized to suite your web browsing needs. This release also includes a new feature called Awesome Screen where you can find your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks and other data in one place. It also allows to sync your browser data between other devices using Firefox sync which works now works on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

This version of Firefox does support Flash add-in but only for older Honeycomb powered Android devices since Flash is no longer supported by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Another great feature introduced in Firefox 15 is “Request Desktop Site”, which allows to switch to website made for desktop computer if you don’t like mobile version. It is something not all web browsers for tablets can be proud off.

Mozilla, the developers behind Firefox, promises that they still care about users privacy and security and privacy features such as Do Not Track, Master Password, HTTP Strict Transport Security and other are available in Firefox for Android. Some websites will use are set to use SSL secure browsing protocol which means tighter level of security and privacy.

Just like any other web browser, Firefox for Android supports HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and other modern web standards allowing developers to make beautiful Web apps and websites. Firefox for Android is capable with APIs introduced by Mozilla such as Screen Orientation API, Geolocation API, Camera API, Vibration API, Mobile Connection API and Battery Status API. I guess most of you will have no idea what API is and how it can improve your web browsing experience but since Mozilla motions then, they should be something important.

If you haven’t switched from default Android web browser this is the right time to do it because Firefox for Android tablets are usable. You can download it from Google Play Store.

If you want to read more about Firefox 15 for Android tablets you can visit and afterwards you can test your web browser using BrowserQuest, multi-player game that will get your entertained at least for some few hours. Enjoy!

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