Much Awaited Samsung Galaxy S3 to Arrive on May?

These days Samsung rumors get similar if not even higher attention than Apple’s products. The most loved device by rumor distributors of course is Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s not a secret that last years the most surprising phone was Galaxy S2. It took Android user experience to whole new level with perfectly polished TouchWiz interface. This year everyone is expecting something even bigger figuratively and literally.

Samsung galaxy S3 design concept

samsung galaxy s3 mockup

Millions of Apple fans were disappointed about iPhone 4S release instead of iPhone 5 last October and it opens even wider doors for Samsung to become the number one smartphone manufacturer. In some product groups Samsung already holds leading position but still iPhone is better sold single smartphone than Galaxy S2 in most countries.

Trusted sources claim that Samsung Galaxy S3 release date is scheduled to May 2012 and more likely will be global launch not like it was with Galaxy S2 when customers in US had to wait 4 months to get this phone. Galaxy S3 specs are not yet officially confirmed but most likely will include 4.65-inch Super AMOLED plus display with 720p HD resolution and 1.5 Ghz Quad-CoreARMbased Exynos processor which is built by Samsung itself. Just like its predecessor Galaxy S3 will have 8 megapixel camera but with much bigger image sensor and lens for even better photographs. This time 4G LTE network connection will come by default and there won’t be separate device like it was with Galaxy S2.

Galaxy S3 specs looks mind blowing, one this is certain that this phone will push forward the whole smartphone industry with even better graphics and multitasking capabilities. Samsung’s Exynos processors are expected to offer up to 25 % performance boost over the previous generations chips used in Galaxy S2 while assuring 30 % better efficiency. Hopefully these 30 % will reflect in increased battery life as well.

Samsung’s rumored 720p HD 4.65-inch display will have the highest pixel density from all Super AMOLED plus displays. While it will be the same screen size and pixel density as Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus doesn’t have Super AMOLED plus but regular Super AMOLED and there is huge difference.

Based on Samsung product development cycles and product lifecycles the Galaxy S3 should be in final testing phase with mobile carriers or even in production. Some trusted sources from South Korea already stated this but we won’t trust them unless we will see official announcement from Samsung itself.

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