Gestures to substitute hardware buttons in iOS 5 beta 7

The release of iOS5 beta 7 is an amazing addition from Apple. It replaces various hardware buttons by gesture interface feature that allows one to navigate the user interface. The control panel is an accessibility feature and provides same functionality of existing hardware like in iPads and iPhone.

iOS 5 close to release day

Finally Apple have decided to release assistive touch, the function that helps people control their smartphones using gestures. Apple filled Assistive Touch related patents a while ago but we dint know until recently how they plan to use this technology. Assistive Touch will help a lot if you will still want to use the phone when some of the hardware buttons are not working anymore. This means that you will be able to use your iPhone even when your home button or power button will no longer work and this happens often. So far there are not many ways to use this function but I guess over the time people will come up with different ways how to use it.

This is not the only new feature introduced in iOS 5 beta 7 and read further to find out more. It is expected that iOS 5 will debut sometime in October along the iPhone 4S.

The ‘Assistive touch” optioned is rumoured by Mac to be under the Accessibility settings.Once turned on, a floating button stays on the screen to complete a task. The floating button allows users to complete aseries of commands, including multitasking, navigating to the home screen and change of volume.It also provides a menu selection that includes gestures, favourites, devices and Home.The gestures show four finger gestures that indicate how many points to touch. Once you choose a number, blue circles in the appropriate amount will appear on the screen.Under Favourites, you will find defaults like pinch and swipe and it also for creation of custom gestures. Devices replace the hardware devices such as rotate screen, lock the screen, change the volume, mute/unmute and a shake button. This signals that the device will have fewer hardware buttons and get rid of the home screen.

There are rumours that Apple is planning to get rid of the devices hardware buttons. This may assist the physically unable individuals to use the device. Though Apple Company have not yet stated that the device is button-less. One might try to imagine the device without the hardware buttons. Also Apple customers think that shake works only in an iPad.

It has been reported that apple iOS 5 will be PC-free where you can receive updates without connecting the device in a PC. This means you can create and delete mailboxes and iOS calendars.iOS 5 is compatible with iPhone 4 and 3GS.

The iOS 5 allows for more than 200 features in your iphone, ipad touch or ipod. The features include:

  • All notifications like new email or texts in one place where you can keep track of them all.
  • A custom newsstand. It organizes your magazine and newspaper apps in your newsstand folder.
  • iMessage . It is a new messaging services that allows ipod and iphone users to send text, videos and photos.
  • Reminders that help you organize your to-do list. If for example you need to do something, you will put a reminder that will alert you.
  • Camera. The camera will be 8Mp and it will have amazing camera features in iOS 5. You can use grid lines and pinch to zoom gestures.
  • Memory. The ioS5 also supports a large memory since the new iPhone are reported to come with a large memory space.
  • Twitter. It is integrated into the iOS 5 to make it quicker and easier to tweet from your iphone, ipad, or ipod touch.

The list of application features that come with iOS 5 is endless. Let’s wait to see the amazing iOS 5 when Apple decides to release it.

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