Sad News for everyone – Google will retire Google Reader on July 1, 2013

This comes by big surprise to many because this is by far the most popular feed reading and distribution service. I have used since it was launched back in 2005. I can’t believe that Google is looking to retire this service because there is no good alternative for just news reading via simple interface. There are several services but most of them are built around images and fancy features but I am looking for something simple and clean just like Google Readers is.


Google announced these news on their official blog this morning by calling this a Spring Cleaning. Google will retire several other services as well but they are not really that popular and only some people will notice but Google Readers is a huge deal for millions of users worldwide.

Google explains their decision by saying that number of users have declined and it is no longer worth to support this service. While they don’t reveal any numbers we can be sure that Google Readers was used by several million users. Or at least everyone knows this service and names it first when it comes to news readers.

Google Readers Alternatives

Google have already created tool which will allow to move your news feeds away from Google readers to other service. You can find more about this tool here but the thing is that you don’t have any good alternative to where to move your news feeds.

There are several alternatives such as Feedly, Fever, NetVibes, NewsBlur, The Old Reader, Managing News but they are mostly built to impress with their design rather providing useful service for news reading. These services are too complex in comparison to Google Reader in which you didn’t have a lot of fancy features but it worked smoothly and was really fast but you can’t say the same thing about these services.

Make sure you download your date from Google Reader before July 1, 2013 because service will be closed and all data removed and you no longer will be able to access your news feeds. I already downloaded my news feeds but I haven’t decided where to move them. Right now I have all them in  Feedly but so far I can’t see myself using this service as the only one for my news reading needs.

What news readers will you use and do you feel that there is a business opportunity for some startup to create Google Reader clone or a better news reader in general?

Update (1): In the last 48 hours Feedly have added over 500,0000 new users from Google reader. Now they are struggling to  keep their website up and running due to heavy load. You can read more about Feedly announcement on their blog.

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