How long does it take to charge the new iPad 3?

New iPad charging time

Apple currently makes the best tablets in the market, hands down. Their flagship smartphone, the iPhone 4S sucks compared to phones like Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X there is completely different story in tablet market. New iPad 3 can’t be compared to any other tablet in the market other than iPad 2, the rest of tablets are just for people who can’t afford to buy iPad or it’s a matter of their reputation and values.

It’s far the best tablet because of great screen resolution, perfectly optimized applications and ecosystem that comes with the iOS and Apple product in general. New iPad isn’t perfect and there are still many flaws, like limited customization, no widgets, bad notifications system but it still bests Android tablets by far. The only competitor worth considering is Amazon Kindle Fire due to amazing content and great price.

To be honest I am proud owner of the new iPad 3 and I really enjoy this device and I haven’t looked back to Samsung or other company offering as it’s the right fit for anyone who is looking to by a tablet.

The new iPad is perfect fit into my daily routine but I found something surprising and a bit disappointing about it, the iPads charging time. It takes whooping 6 hours to charge from 0 to 100% while the device is not in use, the time for recharge increases if the iPad is in use.

I did further research for how long does it normally take to recharge new iPad 3 and found that users on the Apple Support forum discuss the same thing. The conclusion is that it takes up to 6 hours to fully recharge new iPad 3. The main reason is larger capacity 11666mAh battery that was introduced in third generation iPad while it has the same 10W power supply.

The new iPads battery lasts around 2-3 days till I have to recharge it, so it’s not bothering me a lot but it’s good to know how long does it take to fully recharge new iPads battery. For people who enjoys mobility to its fullest might reconsider this purchase as 6 hours of recharge is the slowest between current market offerings.

Please not that I am still calling the new iPad as iPad 3 to avoid confusion with its predecessors.  

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