How to Access iCloud Files and Documents from the OS X Mountain Lion

The simple method on how to access iCloud documents om OS X Mountain Lion using Finder.

Access iCloud documents on OS X Finder

Many Mac users also use iCloud to backup and sync their iPhones and iPads but not many knows that you can access synced documents directly from OS X Finder. If you have multiple Macs configured with the same iCloud account and running Lion or Mountain Lion, you can actually sync files between these devices, much like you can with Dropbox or SkyDrive. Since OS X Mountain Lion has tighter iCloud integration it can be very useful to access documents stored on iCloud without opening it in web browser.

Before you get started make sure your iCloud account is set up and it is working properly. This tutorial will work only for Macs running OS X 10.7.2 or later version including OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Access Documents on iCloud Directly from Mac Finder

First, you should place “Mobile Documents” folder in the Finder sidebar for easier and faster access to files on iCloud:

Step 1) Open Finder and hit Command + Shift + G at the same time which will bring “Go To the Folder” window.

Step 2) Now enter the following patch to access user Library folder.


Step 3) Now search for directory called “Mobile Documents”. Click and drag this folder into the Finder sidebar.

Everything is set and you can easily access iCloud documents directly from Mac Finder.

Inside “Mobile Documents” directory you will notice several folders and some are names based on GUIDs so folder names will not make much sense as folders are not created for regular user access. Each of these folders are used for storing files related to apps that use iCloud such as Reminders, Mail, Keynote, Notes, TextEdit and other apps.

If you make any changes to a documents that syncs with and iOS device will reflect instantly in the app from iOS. The same thing is with documents you edit from “Mobile Documents” folder, they will be synced with other Macs. Be careful with the changes you make here because you can’t reverse changes you have made.

iCloud is not yet fully functional alternative for Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive but I guess we will not need to wait for too long until Apple will come up with it. Probably upgraded iCloud will come alongside iOS 6 and iPhone which is scheduled to be released in October.

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