How to do a Print Screen on iPhone

How to take a print screen on iPhone or any other iOS powered device without using an app.

Print screen capture on the iPhone 4S

Since our website is called Print Screen Mac it is only logical that you should find detailed instructions on how to do a print screen on all Mac and iOS devices. This time I wanted to share a simple tutorial that will teach you how to take a print screen on iPhone or any other iOS device.

iPhone has built in function which allows to take a print screen while playing games, using apps or during any other task. This function was introduced back in early 2008 when there was only first generation iPhone available. So iPhone have had this function forever but not all people are aware of that and not many use it anyway.

Since I am writing iPhone and other iDevice related tutorials this function is a crucial for me and probably many other tech bloggers. For regular users print screen function allows to share game high scores, “text from dog” style conversations, strange notifications and many other things you see on your iPhone and want to share with your friends.

Like I said no app is required to do a print screen on iPhone but of course you can use some app to edit these screen captures before you save them or send to your friends.

How to take screenshot on iPhone or any other iDevice?

Don’t read the first four points unless you have too much time to waste.

    • First, you must have an iPhone
    • Second, it must be turned on
    • Third, its power and home button should be working
    • Why did you read all four previous steps?
    • Press the sleep button (power button) at the top of the iPhone and home button at the same time and watch how the magic happens.

  • You will hear camera shutter like sound and your display will flash.


Print screens are saved in Photos -> Camera Roll and can be edited and share just like any other image taken with your iPhone.

Make sure you press both buttons at the same time, otherwise it might not work and you will just put your iPhone in sleep mode.

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