Ubuntu Tweak 0.7.3 Released, How to Install on Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10

What’s new in Ubuntu Tweak 0.7.3 and how to install it on Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 12.10?

install ubuntu tweak 0.7.3

Ubuntu Tweak is application that allows to configure Ubuntu via simple graphical interface. It offers many useful system and desktop option that the default Ubuntu desktop environment doesn’t offer. Ubuntu Tweak allows to customize everything on your system including theme, sounds, icon sizes, startup and Launchpad applications and many other things.

Ubuntu Tweak has feature called “Computer Janitor” which makes you clean the apps cache easily directly from them app. It has several other features but I will not list them here to leave some surprises after you will install it because this app is worth to download. All these tweaks can be done via terminal but it takes a lot more time and knowledge so let’s just leave it for Ubuntu Tweak.

What’s new in Ubuntu Tweak 0.7.3?

Ubuntu Tweaks 0.7.3 is another bug-fix release but it allows bring some few new features.

Here are the new features introduced with the latest version:

  • Added feature to turn on/off Guest Account because most users don’t use it anyway.

Ubuntu Tweak 0.7.3

  • Added support for Linux Mint 13 which, by the way, is very good Linux distribution because of its simplicity.
  • Support for Ubuntu 12.10 but there might be some bugs since the OS is still in development.
  • Linux-image-extra has been added to the old kernel clean list for the Ubuntu 12.10 so it will clean even more space.
How to install ubuntu tweak 0.7.3

Ubuntu Tweak 0.7.3 also fixes several bugs that were reported by users:

  • Solved bug when QuickList Editor lost Edits affecting some users
  • Ubuntu Tweak no longer crashes on ubuntu 12.10 Alpha 3
  • Updated resources for updates and apps
  • Improved error handling and reporting
  • LightDM plugin should now work for all users
  • Screen edges will now work smoother than before
  • Janitor will no longer crash when checking multiple apps which affected some users
  •  “Session indicator” error message rewritten to be understandable
  • ubuntu tweak script should now call for correct locations

It is nice to see how hard developers behind Ubuntu Tweak are working to push new features and updates for application which is freely available for download. This is the thing I like most about open source community.

How to install ubuntu tweak 0.7.3 in ubuntu 12.04 or ubuntu 12.10?

Open the terminal and run the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

Now you have latest Ubuntu Tweak version installed on your Ubuntu and you can start tweaking your system.

Which is your favorite Ubuntu Tweak feature and what else would you like to see in future versions?

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