How to Stop iPhone Screen from Dimming or Locking Automatically

Simple way on how to prevent iPhone or iPad screen from dimming and locking automatically.  

Stop iPhone screen from Locking and dimming

The iPhone screen automatically dim itself and the turn itself off after short time of inactivity. This helps to save battery life of your iPhone, but it can be annoying if you are doing a lot of reading on it. I use my iPhone for a lot and it works as remote for iTunes, Pandora, TV and many other things so I don’t want to unlock my iPhone each time I want to use it. There are several other reasons why someone would like keeping iOS device unlocked so follow this simple tutorial to turn off Auto-Lock on the iPhone.

How to keep your iPhone (or iPad or iPod) from diming and auto-locking:

Step 1) Go to ‘’Settings” then tap “General” settings

Step 2) Open “Auto-Lock” and choose “Never” to turn off auto lock. Or increase auto-lock timeout by choosing one of the available options.

Now when you will leave the iPhone or iPad unlocked it won’t automatically lock itself or dim so make sure you lock it before putting in pocket, otherwise you will notice massive drain in iOS devices battery life.

You can lock the screen yourself using the top power button when you do want to lock it. For iPad it is enough to close the Smart Cover if you use any or use the same power button you can find on the top of the device.

Another reason why you don’t want to use Auto-Lock is if you use Passcode, so you have to write your passcode each time you are trying to access your iPhone while it is in active use. Personally I don’t use Passcode myself because I hate spending time writing it each time I want to use my phone. I do have a lot of sensitive information including passwords stored on my phone but I know how to wipe it clean remotely in case of disaster.

Do you use Auto-Lock and if so, how long timeout have you set for it?

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