Another leaked image of Samsung Galaxy S III? Real or fake?

Much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III again has some unconfirmed leak and again captured with “blurrycam”. We can’t say anything about credibility of source and if this is a real thing or graphically modified Galaxy Note, Galaxy S2 or any other high-end device in the market.

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Fallowed by huge Galaxy S2 success rumors are spreads widely and scale has almost reached Apple levels and coming closer to official release sometime in May the rumors will be even wider distributed. We recently covered information about leaked information about Samsung Galaxy S3 release date along with some great looking handset pictures but this time picture doesn’t look anything to be very excited about.

It was previously stated that Samsung’s Channel Partners have already pre-ordered over 10 million Galaxy S III smartphones without knowing how device will look and what are the specs. This number isn’t surprisingly considering that there are over 5 million Galaxy S II smartphones sold only in South Korea.

Previous rumors about Samsung Galaxy S3 claimed that it will have ceramic casing but by looking at leaked picture it doesn’t look like ceramic, but yeah, the picture is blurry and we can’t see how the back cover looks. Leaked picture comes along with announcement that leaked device has a 4.8 inch, full HD 1080p display with 16:9 aspect ratio. 1.5GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos processor, include a 2-megapixel front facing camera and 8 megapixels back facing main camera.

leaked samsung galaxy siii

I am not a real expert but based on what we have currently in the market I can say that Galaxy S3 could have 4.8-inch display with 16:9 aspect ratio but there won’t be any 1080p resolution unless it’s just Super AMOLED instead of much better Super AMOLED plus display. And as Samsung wants to have the best phone possible I think the screen will have max of 720p resolution but it will be based on Super AMOLED plus display technology. If Samsung can squeeze in Full HD resolution, Ok fine. But we won’t see decent battery life for this kind of beast.

I leave up to you to decide if this picture is real or just some Photoshoped variation of Samsung Galaxy S2 or Note. The main thing that makes me wonder is blurred icons. Still if it’s a real thing we can’t see the quality and overall look to judge how well Samsung has done their homework to continue smartphone market dominance started with Galaxy S2 last year.

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