Apple iPad Accounts for 94% of all Tablet Web Traffic Globally

While I wrote that it takes forever to charge the new iPad 3 it hasn’t stopped the iPad from world domination. Recent study from popular internet advertisement company Chitika shows that Apple iPad accounts for 94% of all Tablet web traffic.

This is surprising considering that there are so many alternatives and many of them are cheaper than Apple’s tablet but it shows that most tablet buyers prefer iPad over its competitor’s offerings. These data are not accurate as Google AdSense is way more popular among Android users and applications and Chitika remains almost exclusive for iOS devices. It still shows how popular is Apple iPad but I would like to see comparison between other mobile ad networks as I have seen many people who uses other tablets than the iPad.

If we believe in Chitika then for 94 ad impressions on iPad we can count only 1 ad impression on Samsung Galaxy Tab series tablets and on Asus Transformer Prime.

Apple was the first company to introduced world with tablet that didn’t suck as there were many tablets before but Apple changed the market for good. It took almost a year for competitors to introduce with reasonable products so were left behind just like it happened with iPhone back in 2007. Currently Android is dominant smartphone OS and I think it’s a matter of time before it overtake iOS in tablet market as well.

Apple continues to dominate the tablet market while Samsung and others continue to suffer. Recently we reported that Samsung become world’s top mobile phone maker globally and only time will shows what they are capable of in tablet market. Samsung makes the new iPad 3 Retina Display and they have market leading marketing and sales strategy, so we will see a great fight between these two rivals.

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