iPhone 4s vs. iPhone 4 – Can you see any difference?

Some of you are looking to trade in that iPhone 4 of yours for something better. You are wondering if you should make that upgrade. Here are what people are saying so you get a better idea as to if this is something for you or not. Here is what people are saying.

iPhone 4S looks exactly like iPhone 4 and only inside is what counts. While it has a great design it is boring to see that company can’t come up with some improvements. Companies like Samsung or HTC each year comes up with several new devices and all has its own design but on the other hand Apple can’t create one new design each year. Don’t get me wrong, I like its design but I get bored from using the same tools over and over again and I am bored from iPhone already. I am not giving up Apple but hope that next year Apple will release a real iPhone 5 featuring completely different design and larger screen.

When you look at the iPhone 4s vs. iPhone 4, you will find that there are many things to compare. The first thing you will find is that the outside hasn’t changed much. There might be some of you who think you are holding just a new Iphone 4. However, when you look inside this, you will find that there is where the change is.

The thing that is new inside this would be the iOS 5. This is a major update. This one has iMessage on it and has a notification system that is updated. These make the iPhone 4s a major updated phone than before. You can see your notifications stacked up on the home screen.

When you look at the camera of the iPhone 4s vs. iPhone 4, you will find a good other thing about this. This has three extra megapixels than the iPhone 4. They have more lenses. They have up to five lenses on the iPhone 4s. The images on the iPhone 4s are larger. This gives you the true colors and you will find that the iPhone 4 tended to not show key details which are needed.

The other thing you will find is that the applications that you can download for this are quite helpful. For those of you who need something in your life to help you keep up with all your obligations and such when you are on the go, then the iPhone 4s vs. the iPhone 4 will show you why you need to take the upgrade.

These are things that we have found. The battery life in the iPhone 4s is better as well. When you are looking at all these things and if you are still wondering how the iPhone 4s vs. iPhone 4 compares, you will find that there are so many comparisons. What everyone is saying is that the iPhone 4s might look like the iPhone 4, but it’s definitely better than the iPhone 4s. That is what we are learning about this. There are more applications and a faster processor which you are looking for when you are looking to get the new upgrade. It’s so worth it and you will see why when you go to get your iPhone 4s.

Will you upgrade from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S or there are not enough innovations in the iPhone 4S to make it a worthwhile upgrade?

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