iPhone 5 and iPad 3 to support 4G LTE

There is a question whether the 4G data service of Long-Term Evolution (LTE) support will come or not in Apple’s next generation handset named as iPhone 5. The answer is “YES”, there are few rumors and speculation that LTE is going to be included in the Apple’s next model of iPhone.

iPhone 5 will support 4G LTE

Most of the Apple competitors are already using 4G LTE by leaving Apple behind. We have hear a lot or rumors that Apple is working on the 4G enabled devices but we are not sure yet if it will be iPhone or iPad which will get the 4G connection.

There is a pointing by the Apple for a new version of iOS operating system for its mobile 5 handset named as iOS 5. This iOS is going to be its fifth beta and is expected to be launched along the iPhone 5 handset. The policy is that Apple stores mostly start the training for new software just a fortnight before its new product release. Definitely this time around, it is going to be different. A start of its software training in a few days would mean that it is going to be sooner than the anticipated date of 4th October.

Some rumors are making round that iPhone may include LTE support, because we know that few tablets and handsets of the Android are there in the market with LTE support. History suggests that Apple has always tries to lead the market with the new iPhone model and not to follow it. AT&T and Verizon, being two big partners to Apple, are presently offering 4G LTE service coverage effectively. People would definitely sprawl around the iPhone 5 retail outlets if LTE network was included in the features. Verizon’s service is more reliable and complete in comparison to AT&T’s, but there are speculations that they may feature a likewise LTE support in the upcoming year.

A very little is known so far about the iPad 3. The only news is that it is going to be launched in the 1st quarter of the 2012. With each passing day, it is becoming more evident than before that it will include LTE version.Another hint made by the Apple about possible coming of LTE to iPad is the decreasing the rate of iPhone, just like it did in the case of iPhone 4. Customers are definitely going to be allured.

A possibility is that in the recent iOS beta the look of the LTE settings was just included as a test to aid Apple for its regular launch in October this year. This is generally very common with operating system developers that they have many different prototype handsets in the market for the testing purposes.

For those who are not aware, 4G LTE theoretically offers up to five times faster mobile network. Current mobile technologies are developed to level that they are around two times faster than 3G. While 3G have reached its maximum theoretical speed. 4G in other hand is far from perfect but is much faster than 3G already. The current 4G flaws are high power consumption which is crucial for mobile devices. It is expected that 4G LTE enabled networks will become industry standard by 2014 so Apple  must come up with such devices sometime soon.

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