IPhone 5 release date speculation (October 4th)

Long waited iPhone 5 announcement is officially scheduled to October 4 along the iOS 5. While we know everything about iOS 5 because beta version is available for 5 months already, we have no idea what the iPhone 5 will look like and even if it will be called iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S. We will find out more about this mysterious phone after two weeks but meanwhile we have some few guesses that hopefully will make you will a little better.

While we all hope that Apple will release iPhone 5 is is most likely that Apple will announced iPhone 4S instead. Since we haven’t seen any leaked iPhone 5 parts it is most likely that Apple will keep its current iPhone 4 design while improving hardware just like it happened when Apple announced iPhone 3GS two years earlier. If Apple will come up with the iPhone 5 I will be more than surprised because its higly unlikely that Apple can manage to release iPhone without leaking any parts. This have never happened and I guess it won’t happen this time either.

iPhone 5 release date happens to be the most active subject among tech nerds. This buzz is in the air since the release of iPhone 4and the earliest rumors speculated that the release date will be 5th September 2011 which later was gossiped to become 4th October 2011 according to a fresh torrent of rumors. It is also talked about that Apple has a strategy tov-end approximately 30 million iPhone in the year of 2011 after the release. A new report ascertains that 30% of buyers are going to buy iPhone 5 which is a clear indication of a new sales record of this next Apple’s smartphone generation.

 IPhone 5 to be released to on October 4

A lot of rumors have surrounded the launch date for the latest iphone 5. Some sources close to Apple-Suppliers and employees assured buyers that September 2011 was the month. Later, it was shifted to October. John Paczkowski, in April was the first to predict September. As at Monday, he was the first writer also to refute the claim, saying that his earlier report was incorrect and that October is now the new month. Boy Genius Report and others has joined this camp, saying to anticipate the iPhone 5 on first day of October in Canada.  However, Apple spokesperson has not confirmed any date.

There are many other insider sources to have spilled the beans about the release date of iPhone 5. According to Stephanie Richard who is the CEO of a French Telecom Co., The launch date of iPhone 5 is October 15th. Bloomberg has also revealed some information about the release by stating that SPRINT is planning to release iPhone 5 with an unlimited data plan somewhere in the middle of October. Vodafone UK has also hinted the release of iPhone 5 by stating in their product list that iPhone 5 with 16 GB and 32 GB memory will be available soon on Vodafone. Another source Southern Metropolis Daily has release a report in which it is stated that China telecom is about to take pre-remits for iPhone 5 from their customers.

A fresh sequence of leaks and gossips that include trade big guns of telecom market are see, with all of them referring the release date of iPhone 5 to be 4th of October or even a bit early in the same month.

A report has said that according to an Apple employee, Apple is going to hold a press conference to reveal the launch date of iPhone 5 in the next fourteen days and if the rumor is true, we will immediately find out about the release date of this highly awaited tech wonder in the world of smartphone.


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    Im getting the iphone5 first 🙂

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