Irresistible specs of IPhone 5, A6 processor, 4-inch screen and Nano-SIM

Finally the wait has finished with a launch of iPhone 5 and is the latest innovation from the Apple Inc. Apple is the company which has done lots of innovations in the field of new technology and powerful gadgets. This is a sleeker version of the iPhone as it has lots of advanced features and applications which remain you stranded on your place. This iPhone 5 has been launched on 28th September, 2012 and sold millions of units in the first week and released with fully loaded unique specifications. It is a Smartphone and the sixth phone in the series of iPhone.

The iPhone 5 puts on a rampage with a sleeker body and a capacitive touch and advanced features which make you irresistible until you get that device. It is a real masterpiece on its way with better performance and dynamic applications.

It has some unique specifications which make this phone apart from the other devices, some of them are;

  • The iPhone 5 is built with the 4 inch diagonal retina display which is about 326 pixels with the capacitive touchscreen and protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass with Oleophobic coating and multitouch. The aluminium coating around the side walls of the device.
  • It has the advanced A6 processor and on this device it comes with the upgraded performance and an extra battery life and high veld graphics. This A6 is extreme faster than the previous A5 and it’s even more helpful when you play games as you require long battery life or standby time.
  • This iPhone 5 runs on the iOS 6 operating system chipset of A6 and enabled with the dual core 1.2 GHz processor and functioned with different sensors.
  • This device has improved in its camera features as it has the unchanged 8 Mega pixels of rear camera and 1.2 MP of secondary camera and has an amazing clarity and the option of Panorama with HD video recording with 1080 pixels and Autofocus. The pictures taken from this camera looks like it has been taken from the professional camera.
  • This device comes with a capacity of 16, 32 and 64 GB of storage memory and the price depends on this storage memory. The height of the device is 128.8 mm which is 4.87 inches and the weight of this device is 112 grams which is 3.95 ounces.
  •  You can access internet or you can browse internet with the help of Safari browser from Google and different HTML tags.
  • It has a different and unique feature “Siri” which recognises your voice commands and cats according to the commands. The device has 200 extra features which helps you in managing your tasks in a better way.
  • You can even download thousands of apps from the Apple or from Google play store which makes your device a spectacular and the perfect one.
  • It in inbuilt with 1 GB of RAM and the internal memory of 16, 32 and 64 GB depending on the devices.
  • It supports all kinds of networks such as 2G, 3G and 4G with the Nano-SIM which is the new version of the SIM card technology.
  • It is also enabled with a dock lightning connector with 30 pins which can be connected with the separate adapter.

Excluding this there are lots of mind blowing features which make iPhone 5 the masterpiece and Smartphone. If you are irresistible and can’t wait to buy then you can visit your nearest Apple store where you can find this Smartphone. If you feel that you are going with the financial crises then you can avail the same day cash loans which are the instant loans and can be had without any deposits.


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