Is AMOLED better than LCD display technology?

I have noticed that lately many tech bloggers claim that AMOLED display technology makes LCD technology obsolete but is it true?  


Samsung Galaxy S3 (AMOLED) vs HTC One X (LCD)

The truth is that AMOLED displays has greater future potential than LCD displays but AMOLED is not there yet to completely replace LCD displays. AMOLED technology is more power efficient especially when displaying blacks and higher contrast images because each pixel creates its own light instead of taking it from LED backlight. It means that contrast ratio can be much higher while not affecting viewing angle. AMOLED displays consists of less layers so displays are thinner and leaves more space for other components inside smartphones and other devices.

AMOLED display technology is not as mature as LCD technology so the prices for AMOLED displays are much higher and only few companies have decided to use them for their smartphones. Samsung is between those few smartphone makers that use AMOLED displays for most of its smartphones and it is the largest AMOLED display maker in the world.

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LCD display technology will be here for many years to come because it is cheaper than AMOLED and delivers more natural colors. Sadly for LCD display makers this technology will not live forever and is already in mature state, so it is almost impossible to squeeze higher pixel density, better contrast and colors while not affecting other quality indicators. There is chance that LCD display makers will find the way to improve this technology but by that time market will be full with AMOLED displays.

Another thing that compliments AMOLED display technology is that materials inside it won’t burn, like Plasma and LCD screens when they loses colors and brightness over time. It takes years but if you have used older monitors you will know what I am talking about.

AMOLED displays are currently used on smartphones and some tablets and are way too expensive to be used for monitors and TVs, there are some but costs a fortune. Price will drop within few years and more TVs and monitors will be released featuring super-efficient AMOLED displays but for now we have to stick with LCDs.

Many smartphones makers have already tested AMOLED technology but Apple remains the one who sticks with IPS LCDs for its smartphones, tablets and computers. It has the best LCD displays in the market and they are made by LG, Sharp and Samsung. The new iPad has the best LCD display ever made and it has scored highest results in most benchmarks and ironically these displays are made by Samsung which is the main AMOLED supporter.

While AMOLED display technology is dealing with costs and oversaturated colors LCD is here to dominate the market. Power efficiency, better viewing angels and deeper blacks are not enough to pay at least double the price.

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