The Most Important Tip for Recording Video on iPhone or Any Other Device

Are you aware of “Vertical Video Syndrome”? Please read it if you have ever tried recording video by holding iPhone vertically. 

Important iPhone Video Recording Hack

I have seen hundreds of videos on my Facebook feed that looks completely messed up because they are filmed by holding iPhone or any other smartphone vertically. Yes, videos are recorded according to the orientation of the device.  You’ll create significantly better videos if you rotate the iPhone or any other smartphone horizontally before you start recoding your video.

Videos will look better because computer screens, TVs, YouTube windows are horizontal which means that your vertical videos will take only one fourth of the entire screen and the rest will be black. No matter how cool will be your video you will still get many complaints that you filmed it vertically.

Unless you are programmer, data input specialist or stock analysts who tend to use vertically aligned screens to see more lines of code or financial information then don’t even try to film your videos vertically.

There is no way you can turn those vertical videos back into horizontal ones after you have hit record button on your iPhone so keep this simple hack in your mind to not to ruin the moment. I know that it is easy to forget something but you will feel bad if you do.

Some guys have created amazing video and they call it “Vertical Video Syndrome” that must be treated before it spreads all over the place.

If you have a great example where someone ruined the moment just because he tried to record video by holding iPhone vertically, then please leave a comment below so everyone can have some fun.

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