Samsung Galaxy S3 launched in Malaysia

Samsung Galaxy S3In the old continent, Europe, we have less than a week to wait before we can finally spend our money on the Galaxy S3 but guys in Malaysia can grab one already. Yesterday, Samsung Malaysia held special event to announce the Samsung Galaxy S3 and since then everyone can buy unlocked version of this amazing smartphone.

Malaysia got international version, so it will work on any mobile carrier around the world, so if you are visiting Malaysia these days it is strongly recommended to grab one of these beauties to later use them in Europe and US.

Samsung does not offer any information how well customers in Malaysia accepted the long waited flagship smartphone but at least rest of the world loves this smartphone and it is preordered over 9 million times since its announcement in early May.

So far we know that major European countries will get the Galaxy S3 on May 30 and Australia on May 31. Some large markets like US and Russia is not yet on the list. It is predicted that Russia most likely will get Samsung’s latest peace of art soon after Europe but US will have to wait a bit longer. Maybe even a month or so after the launch in Europe as mobile carriers needs customizations.

Why you should buy the Galaxy S3 over many other great smartphones in the market?

It has the most powerful specs in the market and it beats its main rivals in most benchmarks and still is able to deliver longest battery life in this smartphone category, which is very surprising considering quad-core processor and 4.8-inch display.

Why shouldn’t buy the Galaxy S3?

While the Samsung has done an amazing job to make the Galaxy S3 perfectly sized to fit in your hand there will be still many who will find it too big, too bulky and hard to use due to its size. There are not many drawbacks for this smartphone, it is just great. Its main rival is HTC One X which has similar specs, size and design but the king of smartphones, the iPhone 4S can’t be compared with these beasts, it is just too old, too small, and too weak.

Samsung Galaxy S3 price in Malaysia: RM2199 (around $700)

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  1. salam June 30, 2012 at 11:31 am #

    where can i buy S3 for reasonable price ???
    any ideas write to my email pls:[email protected]

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