Samsung Confirms Galaxy S3 Price in Europe

Galaxy S3 PriceFew days ago we already wrote about Samsung Galaxy S3 specs and we focused on its display and why it doesn’t suck even while it’s just Super AMOLED display from PenTile matrix family. We already know that Samsung Galaxy S3 release date is scheduled for end of the many in Europe and soon after it will hit US and other major markets around the world. During Samsung Mobile Unboxed the Galaxy S3 price were not revealed but now first pre-order pages are online and we can see exact price.

Galaxy S3 was the most anticipated Samsung smartphone till now and rumors circulated for half a year already and Samsung didn’t let their fans down and introduces with amazing phone that currently is the best smartphone ever built in terms of hardware performance and Android customization.

Now disappointing part of all this, the Galaxy S3 price in Europe

We all know that due to VAT and other taxes the prices for any device, product or service is higher than in US or other countries so it’s not surprising that Samsung Galaxy S3 will cost somewhere between 550 to 599 euros. Some online stores already have Galaxy S3 listed for whooping 599 euros without giving information when it will be available.

The Galaxy S3 will be sold for the same price in Europe as its successful predecessor, the Galaxy S2. Some sources still claim that Samsung could increase the price up to 699 euros but it will likely turn down many potential customers so Samsung can’t risk setting price too high as there are many similar smartphones in the market for cheaper price.

Even if Samsung decided to sell the Galaxy S3 for 699 euros the price will go down after 2-3 months just like it happens to all of Android smartphones. The only company that keeps smartphone prices the same level till it gets retired the year after is Apple and this is the reason why Apple has the best profit margin.

I can’t see a point setting the Samsung Galaxy S3 price higher than 600 euros as its main competitor, the HTC One X currently retails for 549,99 here in Europe. So 700 euro price tag will be like shoot in their own leg because HTC One X has very similar specs and benchmarks.

Will keep you updated about Samsung Galaxy S3 price and availability in Europe.

Update(1): We found out the the Galaxy S3 with 64 GB storage will cost 699 euros and the smaller brothers will come cheaper.

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