How to take Screen Captures with the Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note blackToday this is the third tutorial related to Samsung Galaxy Note. Not just because I love this phone so much but because many people keeps me asking how I take screen captures with my Galaxy Note to use them for my tutorials.

There are many reasons why you want to take screen captures (screenshots) on Galaxy Note as you can capture them in any situation. I like to take some screenshots from apps and games I am reviewing as well as screenshots from weird things I find, like unexpected notifications, errors and much more that might seem interesting for others.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is different from other phones not just because of its large display and outstanding performance but it also allot to take screenshot in two different ways.

    1. Simply hold down the Power and Home button simultaneously until you see notification saying the screenshot has been saved. The Galaxy Note will make similar sound like its camera shooter.
    2. Second option require S Pen stylus which comes with the Galaxy Note. Click and hold the S Pen button and long press on screen until you see the screenshot saved message.

You will be able to edit screenshot with the S Pen if you use the second way to capture screenshot. It will allow to crop, draw or write a note on it.

This is the simplest way to capture screenshot with the Galaxy Note. There are many apps that allow to get the job done in different ways but above mentioned steps doesn’t require any apps or tweaks to accomplish this task.

Have fun capturing screenshots with the Galaxy Note and please leave an idea for next tutorial in comments bellow.

Btw: The first method works on all Samsung Galaxy series phone with Android 2.3 or later version. 

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  1. TiagoTiago September 24, 2012 at 6:58 pm #

    In your text you forgot to mention the sidepalm swipe.

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