Silicon Industry iconic legend Steve Job resigns as Apple’s CEO

This is something we all expected for the past few years because of Steve’s health condition. It’s no big secret that Steve Jobs has lost nearly half of his weight over the past few years which means that there is something going on with his health. Although, neither Apple nor Steve Jobs have made an official announcement but we have seen plenty of photos circulation around the internet meaning that Steve Jobs is not feeling well and resignation is another proof. Hopefully gets better soon because Apple needs him.

Steve Jobs was able to bring Apple back when he was brought back to the company when Apple acquired NeXT, company which Steve Jobs founded to create enterprise level desktop computers and operating system. Before that Apple was moving downwards and Steve Jobs was the last chance for Apple to get back its market share and brand awareness.

The legendary co-founder of Apple Inc., the giant of silicon valley and one of the most influential and successful CEO of all times, Steve jobs has bidden farewell to Apple and his colleagues on 24th august 2011. Tim Cook has replaced him as Apple’s CEO, who is an industrial engineer, obtained a business administration degree from Duke University and has offered his services in IBM and Hewlett Packard before joining Apple Inc. in1998. Cook has been acting CEO since the day Jobs left for unannounced medical leave. The resignation of Steve Jobs has deeply saddened the loyal Apple customers and followers. The trade of Apple shares after the resignation news immediately lowered down by 7%.

tim cook and steve jobs on stage presenting iPhone

According to analyst’s speculations the launch plan and product success of Apple’s new products scheduled that include iPhone with a potential release date of mid-October and the third iteration of iPad in 2012 would not be affected much by resignation of Steve Jobs in the long run. The former CEO has been a survivor of pancreatic cancer and often had disappearances from the main stream due to health reasons that had stirred serious concerns about his continuity as CEO among Apply Community and Apple’s Board of Directors. Jobs had appeared for a brief time this year from his leave in March to launch the latest iteration of iPad and attend the dinner of “Technology Leaders in Silicon Valley” where he was invited by US president Barrack Obama.

Although all hope is not yet lost for Jobs lovers as Apple has put a confirmation that Steve Jobs will continue to be Apple’s Chairman. Colin Gillis is a BCG Finance Analyst and has advised the investors to stay calm and not to panic as it would be the right thing to do. He further stated that Tim is the new CEO but Steve will still be Apple’s Chairman.

The company workers deeply feels the loss of Steve jobs but retain the hope of a still promising future of Apple Inc. by saying that Steve’s legendary vision and guidance protected Apple and showed it the right path to reach a position to become the most pioneering, creative and appreciated technology company of the world.

Steve jobs himself expressed hope and a brighter future for Apple upon his resignation by stating that he believes that Apple’s most positive and creative days are yet to come in future and that he would wait, watch and play a role in contributing to Apple’s success in future.

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