Sprint geared up to become a Carrier for iPhone 5 along AT&T and Verizon

Sprint is going to start offering iPhone handsets next month with the release of the new generation iPhone 5 handsets by Apple. It will become the third carrier to offer the iPhone handsets, the other two are AT&T and Verizon.

Sprint become carrier for iPhone 5

Sprint have already made agreement with Apple to sell subsidized iOS devices via their mobile networks. Sprint is the third largest mobile network in US and currently it is declining in popularity because it can’t offer iPhone to its service subscribers.

Apple is rapidly increasing sales to its iOS devices and it has reached 50% smartphone markets share in US so all mobile carriers in order to survive must find they way to offer iPhone. Sprint is the fourth major US carrier to offers iPhone and hopefully this will make Sprint investors and management board happy because last years financial results were somewhere disappointing in comparison to AT&T and Verizon.

Sprint is presently the third most gravid wireless carrier in United States. It is going to provide a whole new market for Apple’s awesomely selling iPhone as it has more than 50 million customers. Apple has always tried to take the lead in the market from its competitors. It is evident from the fact that since its exclusive start with AT&T, it has kept on adding new carrier partners to become the best producer of smart phones in the world.

There was a rumor that T-Mobile and Sprint are going to be the new carriers for the Apple with the dawn of 3rd quarter in 2011.This has been confirmed now by the Wall Street Journal that it’s going to be Sprint. There are negotiations on their way between AT&T and T-Mobile for merging, which means that the customers are going to get an access to the iPhone in the future some time.

Technology used by the Sprint is the same as that of Verizon which is CDMA. This suggests that it will be able to offer its customers the same iPhone 5, but there are reports that Apple may get rid of its various handsets in lieu of a handset that is capable of connecting to every cellular company, offering the service, on earth. There is news that app developers have seen an iPhone model similar to this one in app usage logos, thus there is a possibility of a single handset offered to all carriers of the Apple.

Sprint was witnessing its customers leaving in flock because of the bad handset selection and also they were not able to get iPhone, thus it could be the best time for the Sprint to allure its customers.

There is news from the horse’s mouth that Apple may offer iPhone at low costs along with the launch of iPhone 5 next-generation in the beginning of October. It is yet to be made clear if this cheaper version of the iPhone 4 is going to be offered by the new carrier, Sprint, or would be offered only by the old ones.

iPhone is single the most popular smartphone which is designed by Apple and assembled by Foxconn in China. First generation iPhone was introduced in 2007 and it was available only via AT&T network and only two years later it become available on Verizon. Not it is available on three mobile networks and Sprint is about to become the first US mobile networks to offers iPhone to its subscribers and subsidized phone. It is expected that Sprint will follow its competitors by offering 16GB iPhone 4 for 199$ with two year agreement.

But the fact is that there is still no comment from the Apple if the Sprint is really going to join its family.


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