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New iPad Sucks

14 Reasons Why the New iPad 3 Sucks?

For start I would like to say that I am not Apple or Android fan and I like both platforms and I use both Android and iOS devices every day so this isn’t from Apple hatters or Android lovers perspective. This is my first tablet I have bought but I have tested many including Samsung […]

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OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion Available Today, what’s new?

 OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion available today, brings over 200 new features.  Just like we predicted earlier today Apple has released OS X Mountain Lion which brings over 200 new features and improvements. While 200 features sounds like a lot, it is just upgraded version of OS X Lion which was released last year. There […]

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Malware on andorid

OS X Mountain Lion will be released on July 25

According to trusted sources OS X Mountain Lion will be officially released on July 25. Few friends of mine work at Apple Stores and they said to me that Apple Stores in the Unites States and overseas have planned overnights for Tuesday, July 24th. Since Apple has announced that Mountain Lion will be released on […]

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The Evolution of Mac OS since 1984 till 2012

The evolution of Mac OS starting from first generation Macintosh up to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.   Since there release of first Macintosh back in January 1984, Apple has played an important role in OS graphical interface standards. While it has never had a major role in the market it has proven its ability to set industry standards. […]

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