14 Reasons Why the New iPad 3 Sucks?

New iPad 3For start I would like to say that I am not Apple or Android fan and I like both platforms and I use both Android and iOS devices every day so this isn’t from Apple hatters or Android lovers perspective.

This is my first tablet I have bought but I have tested many including Samsung Galaxy Tab series, Kindle Fire and all generation iPads. New iPad is the best tablet in the market but it is still far from perfect so I decided to write why it sucks.

Of course, most of these things are not deal breakers but still worth to consider if you are looking to buy a tablet.

  1. Installing apps from App Store. Each time I tab the app I want to install it throws me out to see where this application is installing. If I want to install another app I have to get back to App Store and continue the process. Why this doesn’t happen in background just like on Android.
  2. No widgets. Not like iPhone, the iPad has large(er) display and there is plenty of room for widgets. It would make life so much easier and better looking.
  3. Notifications. If you have ever used Android 4.0 ICS powered smartphone or tablet, then you will understand that new iPad only has black and pointless block.
  4. No native Google Street View. Maybe upcoming iOS 6 will change it for good but till then we have to deal with some inconveniences.
  5. It takes up to 6 hours to fully recharge the New iPad 3. For example latest IBM laptops up to 80% recharges in 30 minutes. It’s not the deal breaker as you can charge it overnight but for some users who travel a lot this could be major drawback.
  6. Can’t organize delete or rotate pictures synced from computer without help from additional software. Seriously, is it that difficult to implement?
  7. Only few apps (few compared to 600,000 apps in App Store) have native support for iPad and even fewer are optimized for the new iPad’s Retina display.
  8. If web browsing, content zooming and scrolling works perfectly then many picture viewers on websites work poorly. Scrolling and zooming has noticeable lags and Safari crashes now and then. This could be blamed on websites themselves but as they work well on desktop computer then there is no excuse for iPad, it just sucks.
  9. Everyone knows this but I still want to remind, the new iPad 3 or any other iOS devices does not support Flash. Of course flash is getting old and is slowly replaced with HTML 5 but still many websites uses it and you feel left out.
  10. Why the $130 price difference between Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + Cellular versions? Maybe these 4G chips are made out of gold but then why they are hidden inside so no one can see them?
  11. The new iPad has very confusing name. Why Apple decided to drop the numbers? I often write about the new iPad 3 and if you will read this article after one year, when the new iPad will be released, you most likely will be confused.
  12. The new iPad 3 doesn’t have native support for Siri and it remains exclusively for the iPhone 4S. I would like to see Siri on an iPad more than on an iPhone.
  13. No Wow effect. Sure, it looks great — hands down but the new iPad 3 is just like its predecessor and the better display itself does not do the trick.

It might sound like I hate the new iPad 3 but I don’t. This still is the best tablet in the market and there is no better alternative unless you are looking for some cheaper and/or Android powered device and most people agrees. If you are not buyer on budget and not tied to Android’s ecosystem you definitely want to buy the new iPad over other tablets.
Under intensive graphic usage it runs hot, not 15inch MacBook hot but still noticeable hotter than previous generations iPad.

iPad 3 sucks
Do you think that iPad 3 sucks?  

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